Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Penang Wall Painting

It's has been a long time never update my blog due to lazy-ness, not sure tho.. Mood suddenly pop out to update my bloggie, anyway, this post just to share some photos with you all, I do not have professional photo taking skills, but just something to share.. Outing with cousins few days ago. Photo taking, cycling, food hunting of cause.

Initially we rent bike for cycling around the location of painting. Rm15 for 4 hours.

Sunlight view at around 9am at Esplanade, Penang.

Art Painting by a foreigner artist

This one oldest painting

China House, very nice location to have tea, cakes and so on.

China House, Tiramisu, RM12

China House, Banana Cake, RM12

China House, kinda big place, and nice environment

Some sketching in the China House

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Update as Revive my Bloggie

Topic today is->
What did I do at this weekend?

Friday afternoon, had my lunch with Leonie at Azuma @ Queensbay mall, Japanese sushi restaurant, erm.. not bad, high class than Sushi King, but i'd prefer more for Sakae Sushi! XD After that, went to Tutti Frutti for yogurt ice-cream!

Saturday afternoon, hang out with my dear for movie, then she went to buy a new handphone since her handphone is consider spoiled,new handphone-> Samsung Galaxy Ace! Anyway, she does hope me buy one too like her's, but I have to take further consideration >.< Sorry dear~
Saturday night, hang out with buddies and dear too @Starbuck, great chat!

What's going on about my academic?

Seriously suck, Project 1 this sem, topic is Video Mixer, not that easy and kinda hard for me, did not work anything on it except study, due to my laziness!
I must work hard on it seriously, my advisor is like giving me pressure >.<
This sememster 5 subject, Friday no class, this makes me like very relax, very pressure, weirdo situation. @.@

Other than that, I gonna give some rating of recent movies that I watched
Super 8 - 3/5
Green Lantern - 3/5
Thor - 3.5/5
Kungfu Panda - 3/5
Pirates of Carribean - 3.5/5
X-Men First Class - 4.5/5
Fast & Furious 5 - 4/5

Thursday, March 17, 2011

21 years old Birthday

What've I done on 16 March 2011?
LoL 12am, received a phone call from my wifey and she was the first to wish me "happie birthday!" I was at my friend's house group study.
I'm glad that she did this. =D
After study, back home, sleep!
That time received a lot of birthday wishes, very happy for that!
The next morning, went to class, as usual, lecture..(=.=ll)
Then lunch with classmate, they treat me for lunch, lol
Thanks alot to them.
Night went to dinner with my dear, secret recipe!

Chicken Gordon Bleu->

Tom Yam->

I like this slice of cake so much, it's so delicious, if not mistaken it's call golden nugget.->

After dinner, back to study group, since tomorrow I got midterm which contribute 20% of coursework, sigh, what a heavy load for us.
IM gonna Screw you Basic Microprocessor!
Wish me luck for tomorrow midterm! =D

Celebrated on 12 March, actually it was my best buddy birthday, but we celebrate together. Special thanks to my sweetie gf held this small surprise party for me, I should never know this party but I can guess it since their weird act! xD
It's damn hard to cheat me, yea I know.. lol

Will upload more photos when I got it!

Happie 21st Birthday to Kenzio ->

YeA, I gOT mY FreeDoM!

Pen Spinning + PRaYing for Japanese victims at Earthquake and Tsunami 2011

WIsh them luck and all the best!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


A study week for me is like Pre-Sembreak, somemore my final exam only have one subject, you can imagine how relax am I.. (X.X)
Now I left four days to my first/last subject, I must study 99 and do the best I can, but not hanging out at A-station to DotA like last night.
Anyway, dunno what else should I talk about, just wanna revive my blog, else it looks like zombie.. =(
Will update when I'm in a mood of blogging.
Good Luck to everyone that having Final Exam..
Stay happy and healthy!

Photos Talking Session
:: November photos ::
I'm very lazy to talk the past, let the photos speak for themselves =D

went to Ipoh eat some good food, Fruity Ice Kacang, it looks so colorful right? It taste delicious too..

She's helping her sis to make up

The second ordered I made at PDS, third order forgot to take picture..

:: October 2010 ::
Hang out pak tor with my ah pig..

For more photos please visit my Facebook! =D

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Study Week + Pen Spinning

Yes, I did study! but it's already lack of time, last minute works will conclude my ability to solve final exam questions, 3 more days to my first paper, Data Structure( asshole hard paper ) ==

Everytime also scare for final exam, just pray for no clumsy work when in final then will be fine! >.<

Im having a pit stop to update my bloggie, just to share, so, enjoy it =D

First time purchased pen mod by using Paypal from PENDOLSA , a very good start for online purchasing, lol.

I bought a Buster CYL with USD 11.00 , waiting for delivery in half month from Korea

This is my recent pen mod, I named it as Faster Mod due to the barrel/body of pen is "Faster Ball Pen"
How to mod it? you can visit Faster Mod Tutorial

Pen Spinning Gathering which I attended on 5th of September

Watched this movie last week, nice dancing and I like it! =D

Friday, August 27, 2010

Why shouldn't we give up our life?

Look at this & you'll know why..

I might felt a lot of disappointment and failure in my life, but I won't complaint about it no matter how tough it is..
For those peoples who experience sadness for your failure, lost or any negative cases just don't surrender. If you surrender means you give up your life, your time consuming wasted. This might showed a disgraceful to yourself and as a human being. I know it's kinda hard to make yourself not complaining to anything, even though myself, just don't choose a negative way to solve it..
Good luck guys..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pen Spinning spree..

The collabs I obsessed with!
Hope MYPSC will have more than this! =D